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My Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

I represent clients at all stages of criminal proceedings, from investigations through trial. I have traveled across Ohio handling felony and misdemeanor charges in Common Pleas, Municipal, Mayor's, and Federal Courts.

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Record Sealing & Expungement

Getting a record sealed - commonly called expungement - can provide significant relief to people with criminal convictions. I have extensive experience reviewing records for clients and assisting them with getting their record sealed.

OVI/DUI Defense

OVI and traffic charges can come unexpectedly but often have serious consequences. I am experienced in defending a variety of traffic offenses in courts across the State.

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Appeal of a criminal conviction requires a thorough and nuanced review of the case and applicable law to ensure that a client's rights are well-protected. I have extensive experience preparing and arguing appeals across the State.

Judicial Release

Incarcerated people are frequently eligible to petition the court for judicial release. I have extensive experience working to help clients professionally and persuasively argue for early release from prison.

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